a little about how I got started...

I discovered my love for photography when my first child was about two years old. Many years later, if asked, she will tell you, her life and the lives of her siblings, has been a series of “Kodak moments”. In the years that followed, all four of my beautiful children, and many gracious friends and family members, have given me the opportunity to grow as a photographer.
What started out as a hobby, documenting the lives of my children, quickly grew into a passion for photography and, as of 2008, is what I proudly call my business. And I hope to get the chance to share it with you.

a little about me...

I am the momma to four beautiful children and one amazing son-in-law (each of them inspire me in new ways all the time) ~ I am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart ~ I am told I may be a bit high strung, , I prefer to think of it as "well energized" ~ Running relaxes me. Sadly I haven't been relaxing much lately :( ~ I know I can't sing to save my life but treasure moments alone in the car where I can belt it out anyway ~ I love to dance ~ The sound of my children laughing makes my heart so happy. Lucky me, my kids are pretty darn funny ~ Our four legged family is made up of a loyal, yellow Lab named Marley, a crazy but lovable Blue Heeler my son and daughter claim we just HAD to rescue, a silly Yorkie and over indulged Maltese - Gus & Coco. I feel like I live in a dog zoo ~ The older I have gotten, the sappier I've become ~ I love the New York Subway ~ Completing a spontaneous room make over makes my day ~ Traveling inspires me. Flying, not so much ~ I don't have a tattoo but my inner rebellion has always wanted one ~ I pretty much LOVE every. little. anything. that I can see through my lens.

And now that you know a little about me, I would love the opportunity to get to know you.
Hope to meet up soon.

A heart felt thanks for stopping by :)
Sue | PBSF